Friday, 17 August 2007

Same again, a bit of this & that

Another lazy day in the house for me and son.

Weather - better, sunny all day.

Knitting - Half a glove knitted this morning and a bit of crochet done this evening, also dreaming about other projects. I have had a long held dream to make a shawl (since the early 80's). From reading American bloggs these seem popular makes. I have been looking at patterns on web sites and last night I ordered a book off Amazon, along with a book about knitting socks. I hope there is something in this book that takes my fancy.

The Oh! bearded one went cycling around a Derbyshire lake and had a lovely day. The Warrington shopping trip was off because Daughter's best friend was available last minute so they went out instead. We are now set to go on Tuesday next week.

I was supposed to carry on with the study but I only managed to sort out the blank cards I use for cardmaking (I make cards and sell them at work to raise money for the resident's fund). I have felt very tired and out of sorts all week (I do have an Arthritis type condition that can make me feel very tired and gives me quite a bit of pain and I have taken the opportunity to withdraw a particular medication so whether that has anything to do with it), I am very disappointed with myself as I had such plans for these 2 weeks off work and I haven't achieved any of them. I hope I feel better next week.

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