Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Pictures of knitted things

As promised, I managed to get my memory card downloaded to a CD today so here is some evidence of knitted things or things in progress.

These socks were my first attempt. They were knitted for Daughter Dear and she was really pleased with them. They are knitted in Opal yarn from the free pattern that comes in the kit I got from Angel Yarns.

On a previous post I explained how I had started a sock for me but didn't like it so I am having a go at gloves instead, here is the first one, I am working on the second finger at present. This yarn is the same as above but the pattern is a Sirdar (5983) 4ply glove and scarf pattern.

This ball of yarn is causing me so real grieve. I love the colours in it but as there is a lot of cotton in it. I decided that I wouldn't like wearing it as I felt there wouldn't be enough 'give' in it. The yarn is Lana Grossa. As I have previously explained I started a scarf from the 4ply Sirdar pattern but I went wrong so it has been ripped down and I am going to start it again as it was making a really nice scarf.

This is the back of my Sirdar Sublime jumper, This yarn is so lovely and soft, I am really enjoying knitting it. The pattern is out of Sirdar Sublime book 603

My crocheted cardi (left front, the back is also started but not shown) from a Sirdar 4ply pattern done in Patons Diploma Gold.
I haven't taken any photos of the shawl yet because it isn't very far on and I felt it wouldn't look anything on the blogg yet.
Daughter Dear and I went shopping in Warrington, we had a lovely day (it has been reasonably warm and sunny). She bought more things for her 'bottom drawer' and I got what I really wanted which was a knitting stitches (400 Knitting Stitches, Hamlyn Pub.) book which I paid with the book tokens I had found when I was tidying up the study, I also bought a crochet stitch (The Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden, Batsford Pub.) book as well.
Tomorrow it is off to Sheffield (we all come from Sheffield orginally, we have been in Cheshire 15 years now). The Oh! Bearded One has a 91 year old Aunt that has just given up driving so Son of Mine, who is learning to drive, is going to have it so we are going over to fetch it. It is a 2000 Citreon Saxo which is ideal for him, lucky boy.


Cellostitcher said...

Wow! All that knitting. It is lovely. Hope you have a nice day in Sheffield.

clarabelle said...

Lovely knits and colours. And the socks look pretty impressive for a first attempt!

Have a good time in Sheffield - I used to work there (and went to uni there).

Patsy Jackson said...

Hi Ailsa

Thanks for visiting my blog :) and your lovely comment. Have to say, I have the greatest respect for anyone that can knit or sew - I can do neither!!! Wish I could!

Have a great day in Sheffield :)

Patsy x