Friday, 17 August 2007

Old knitter, new knitter

A few ramblings about knitting.

I have been knitting seriously since I was 16-17. Mum and my Grans all attempted to teach me to knit when I was young and I got to grips with it eventually. I taught myself to crochet as I am left handed. Gran T was the only one in the family that could crochet, she tried to teach me but didn't manage it, we had mega rows instead.

The first garment I knitted was a rust DK stocking stitch v-neck jumper. I bought the wool whilst on a canal boat holiday with some church friends of the time. I carried on knitting for years, knitting for the Oh! bearded one, my Mum, his Mum and the kids until they wouldn't wear 'itchy, uncool' jumpers any more. I knitted at work on nights and on breaks on days ( Oh the joys of nurses having breaks on duty, those days have long gone!!!). Then I stopped knitting for quite a while, cross stitching instead and it became very uncool in the UK. I am soooooooooo pleased that it is now back in fashion big style.

I started knitting seriously again about 5 years ago when I was off work with depression. I needed something soothing to do that was easy and I didn't need to concentrate on too hard. I found I had to concentrate too hard on the cross stitch. Knitting worked, I did find it soothing and still do. The depression has been a constant feature of my life since so I am glad have have the knitting to sooth, I recomend it.

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