Friday, 24 August 2007

A fairly industrious day today. As it has been reasonably nice, warm and sunny, I cleaned the conservatory windows, both inside and out, the downstairs windows also got cleaned. This job was on my list of 'jobs to do' so that's one I can tick off. I also started cleaning the conservatory but didn't finsh it as Son of Mine was using the vac, that's tomorrw's job. I am trying to get the house clean as we are having our 25th Wedding Aniversary party at home on 8th Sept and I go back to work on Tuesday.
I shot this photo of a dragonfly in my conservatory a few weeks ago, it's beautiful I think, a truly gorgeous example of God's creation.

As foresore Son of Mine cleaned his car inside & out, I probably won't see that again in my life time. He and I also went into town. He wanted things for his car and I needed to go to the library.

I couldn't resist the yarn shop either, it is very near the library. I bought yarn for the first of 3 baby garments I want to knit before Christmas. I have promised not to start the baby garment until I have finished the scarf (from the yarn that was giving me grief). I got on quite well with it this afternoon.

From the library I have borrowed a book called 'Essential Crochet' by Erika Knight. There are so nice projects in it. My books from Amazon came this morning as well - Shawls On the Go and Easy Knitted Socks ( I need this one as I am a sock knitting novice). I am planing to knit a pair of socks from it for a Christmas present. My knitting needles are going to be red hot, I've got that much planned, never mind the Christmas cards I'll do to sell at work.

Once I have finished blogging it's on with the crocheted cardi as my right wrist needs a rest.

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