Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Blog, knit, blog, crochet

Meet Molly, our all black moggie, I am sure she will appear many times more, very often sat on something I am making!!
The title gives away what I've been up to today. It's been a funny old day in Northwich, we've had sun, cloud and very heavy rain so it hasn't been conducive to doing much outside.

I slept very badly as I was blogging far too late so I got up late. I half heartedly started to tidy our bedroom this afternoon but gave up and had a go at my crocheted cardi instead.

The oh! bearded one got out in the garden to dig up tree trunks (he is revamping the front garden) between showers but a particularly heavy one drove him back indoors.

Both son and daughter have also langished about the house (college holidays and holiday from nurse training course)

Late this afternoon I took some photos of work in progress which I hope to show very soon and then I went back on the internet for some knitting stitch ideas so I can knit 100g of 4ply sock wool into a scarf, properly as a Christmas present. That was success and I have now commenced that!

I am not going to blogg most of tonight as well, I need some sleep. It's food shopping tomorrow and as we know girls ! that's hard work, isn't it? especially the putting it away in the cupboards part. I also need to do some other useful things as I have a whole list of jobs that I have lined up to do whilst I am on holiday and I haven't started any of them!

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