Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Another lazy day

Another lazy day in Northwich. The weather has been better today, sunny but windy. The oh! bearded one has been back out in the garden and got all the tree stumps out. It is going dark and he is still out there but it is looking good and so much better.

Craft wise I have done a little bit more of the crochet and sorted out knitting and cross stitch patterns. That is part of tidying up the study as the oh!bearded one can't get to his computer and he is grumbling, also I can't find any of the crafting things I want either. I am plotting to take over son's bedroom once he has gone to uni next year but until then I will have to share with the oh! bearded one. I sound greedy, I dont't mean to. I know some crafters use a corner of their sitting room or bedroom, I know I am lucky to have a spare room we can use as a study but as all crafters know, the more room to store stash and spread out, the better. It means you don't have to keep putting stuff away when you are in the middle of a project.

This morning I got a knitting brochure from Reddicut. For those of you who think that Reddicut just produce rug kits, think again. They now do a whole range of craft goodies including knitting yarn, patterns, cross stitch kits and card and scrapbooking materials. I was very tempted by some of the knitting patterns so tonight I have placed an order on line. My oder is for a Patons DK book, a crochet afgan booklet and a Sirdar Misty cardigan pattern.

I didn't get the shopping done today but there is always tomorrow! Daughter is going to try and drag me around the estate agents in search of flats for herself and her boyfriend (they are currently living with us).

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