Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Christmas presents

I am now back at work so the knitting and crochet has slowed down although I have just gone past shaping the armholes on my crocheted cardi.

The scarf I was knitting has been frogged as I don't really like it and I don't now need it as a Christmas present as we not now giving individual presents as we have done in previous years. This was probably my fault in the first place as I started getting presents for the qualified staff I work along side as a thank you for the support they give me in my job role as Deputy Manager. We didn't used to have many qualified staff, we now have a lot and it has got expensive. We are going to put names in a hat, pull a name out and get something for that person to a certain value. This will be better as we will be able to put more thought in for the individual we are buying for.

The other thing we are doing is not giving each other Christmas cards but give the money we would have spent on cards, to a charity like World Vision, to buy an alternative Christmas present for a thrid world country. The nurse that put forward the idea wants to buy a goat!! I am happy with these ideas but it leaves me with a personal dilemma as I still want to say thank you for the support I'm given by the nurses as a team. Any ideas would be most welcome.

I am still going to knit the baby jumpers though.

Apparently I am 26481 on the waiting list for Ravelry, I hope it is worth the wait.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Yarn, more yarn and books

A cute picture of Molly the cat with Gertie the bear in the conservatory. This is on of Molly's favorite places as it warm, there is under floor heating so she often lies on the floor in there.
It is also a great place for me and my crafting as the light is so good.
On Saturday I went back to the yarn shop in Northwich town centre. J who owns the shop must think I'm mad as I've been in there 3 times in two weeks, twice in 2 days. I feel this shop is excellent, J stocks large range of yarns including Lousie Harding, Jagger and some Rowan. She sells a large range of Sirdar and Patons. This was where I bought my Sublime yarn for the green jumper I'm doing and the pink yarn for my crocheted cardi.
Anyway I went back for the yarn I want to use for Christmas presents. My thinking is that I go back to work tomorrow and we are busy every Saturday during September so I if I bought the yarn I need I can just get on with everything without worring about when I would get to town to buy the yarn. I bought some more Sublime to knit a pair of socks, 2 more lots of Sirdar Denim for the other 2 baby jumpers I want to knit.
On the Saturday morning before I went into town I had been messing about with some 4ply Sirdar Wash & Wear that I have had a while and hadn't used. Earlier in the week I had bought 'Simply Knitting'magazine (I had bought it for the Noah's Ark booklet which is soooooo cute). Also in it is a crocheted throw which I really liked so I had a go doing a couple of squares using the Wash & Wear. At first I thought I wold buy the yarn to do the throw but then I decided that as this Wash & Wear is the right colour to match my bedroom I would use this and just buy contrasting yarn for the borders of the squares so that is what I've done. I now have enough yarn to keep me going to Christmas and beyond.
I have promised myself that I will not start anything else until I have got the scarf and gloves off the needles. I need to finish some things before I start anything else.
When I came out of the yarn shop I went across the road to 'Book works'. I did well in there, I bought 2 books, 'The New Knitting Stitch Library' by Lesley Stanfield which was marked up at £4.99 but when I got to the till it was £3.99 and 'Complete Guide to Knitting & Crochet' by Nicki French. The stitches book has a lot of different stitches in it from the other one I had bought earlier in the week so they compliment each other. The other book has some quite up to date patterns and some nice little things to make as presents.
Yesterday I spent another day messing about with yarn (I got on quite well with the crocheted cardi and I added some rows to the scarf) and today I must do my ironing, not that I've started it yet.

Friday, 24 August 2007

A fairly industrious day today. As it has been reasonably nice, warm and sunny, I cleaned the conservatory windows, both inside and out, the downstairs windows also got cleaned. This job was on my list of 'jobs to do' so that's one I can tick off. I also started cleaning the conservatory but didn't finsh it as Son of Mine was using the vac, that's tomorrw's job. I am trying to get the house clean as we are having our 25th Wedding Aniversary party at home on 8th Sept and I go back to work on Tuesday.
I shot this photo of a dragonfly in my conservatory a few weeks ago, it's beautiful I think, a truly gorgeous example of God's creation.

As foresore Son of Mine cleaned his car inside & out, I probably won't see that again in my life time. He and I also went into town. He wanted things for his car and I needed to go to the library.

I couldn't resist the yarn shop either, it is very near the library. I bought yarn for the first of 3 baby garments I want to knit before Christmas. I have promised not to start the baby garment until I have finished the scarf (from the yarn that was giving me grief). I got on quite well with it this afternoon.

From the library I have borrowed a book called 'Essential Crochet' by Erika Knight. There are so nice projects in it. My books from Amazon came this morning as well - Shawls On the Go and Easy Knitted Socks ( I need this one as I am a sock knitting novice). I am planing to knit a pair of socks from it for a Christmas present. My knitting needles are going to be red hot, I've got that much planned, never mind the Christmas cards I'll do to sell at work.

Once I have finished blogging it's on with the crocheted cardi as my right wrist needs a rest.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Trips out & changes.

We got the car over from Sheffield safely. Son of Mine is thrilled to bits with it and can't wait to start driving it once we'vegot the insurance sorted out. It's making a noise from underneath somewhere (note how technical I am) which will probably will be expensive to repair (aren't they always?) so tomorrow it will be off to have it checked out, then he'll spend all day washing, polishing and vacing it within an inch of it's life. Knowing Son of Mine that will be the first and last time he does it judging on the state of his bedroom.

As I said before the Oh! Bearded One's Aunt is 91, she lives on her own, is physically very fit but her short term memory is quite poor now so we are going to have to keep a close eye on her. She is a bit of a worry as we know she does things like go out and not lock the back door as she scared of not remembering her keys and locking herself out. There is no longer any close family in Sheffield. The Oh! Bearded One's parents are now dead and his sister lives in Cardiff ( she is really good, coming up when she can and staying with Aunt M). I am going to go over in a few weeks to check on her again.

Today it has been my Dad's 72nd birthday and as it was my Mum's 72nd birthday 2 weeks ago we've had a family day out. We have been to Powis Castle near Welshpool in North Wales, a 2 hour drive from here. The weather has been lovely, warm and sunny all day. The garden at Powis is beautiful and I took lots of lovely flower photos which you will see in due course, I wasn't so impressed with the inside of the castle, too much dark wood and dark rooms, not my cup of tea. We had a picnic outdoors which is probably only the second meal we've eaten outdoors this summer.

When we got home we had some good news, Daughter Dear's & boyfriend's (Gromit-he has a certain facial expression that just looks like the character) offer has been accepted on a flat! I am really pleased for her but I will really miss having her around at home (but not the washing). We get on really well and can spend hours on my bed watching TV and chatting. She isn't moving far so I will still see her a lot but things will never be the same and I think it will take me time to adjust but it's part of life's rich pattern and I thank God for what he has done in their lives.

I've only dreamt of knitting today but I did do a few rows of my shawl last night, then I decided I didn't like it as it was so started agai, doing it slightly differently and am much happier with it now.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Pictures of knitted things

As promised, I managed to get my memory card downloaded to a CD today so here is some evidence of knitted things or things in progress.

These socks were my first attempt. They were knitted for Daughter Dear and she was really pleased with them. They are knitted in Opal yarn from the free pattern that comes in the kit I got from Angel Yarns.

On a previous post I explained how I had started a sock for me but didn't like it so I am having a go at gloves instead, here is the first one, I am working on the second finger at present. This yarn is the same as above but the pattern is a Sirdar (5983) 4ply glove and scarf pattern.

This ball of yarn is causing me so real grieve. I love the colours in it but as there is a lot of cotton in it. I decided that I wouldn't like wearing it as I felt there wouldn't be enough 'give' in it. The yarn is Lana Grossa. As I have previously explained I started a scarf from the 4ply Sirdar pattern but I went wrong so it has been ripped down and I am going to start it again as it was making a really nice scarf.

This is the back of my Sirdar Sublime jumper, This yarn is so lovely and soft, I am really enjoying knitting it. The pattern is out of Sirdar Sublime book 603

My crocheted cardi (left front, the back is also started but not shown) from a Sirdar 4ply pattern done in Patons Diploma Gold.
I haven't taken any photos of the shawl yet because it isn't very far on and I felt it wouldn't look anything on the blogg yet.
Daughter Dear and I went shopping in Warrington, we had a lovely day (it has been reasonably warm and sunny). She bought more things for her 'bottom drawer' and I got what I really wanted which was a knitting stitches (400 Knitting Stitches, Hamlyn Pub.) book which I paid with the book tokens I had found when I was tidying up the study, I also bought a crochet stitch (The Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden, Batsford Pub.) book as well.
Tomorrow it is off to Sheffield (we all come from Sheffield orginally, we have been in Cheshire 15 years now). The Oh! Bearded One has a 91 year old Aunt that has just given up driving so Son of Mine, who is learning to drive, is going to have it so we are going over to fetch it. It is a 2000 Citreon Saxo which is ideal for him, lucky boy.

Monday, 20 August 2007

The Study is finished!!!!

I don't believe it, I have actually finished tidying my end of the study! My end is the craft table and storage, the other end is the Oh! Bearded One's with his computer, table and filing cabinet which is currently piled high with paper to do with scouting (I type this on my laptop on the bed). He says he will tidy it on a wet day!

This afternoon I then had a go at the piles of 'stuff' on my side of the bed. I have this nasty habit of dumping books, magazines, knitting, sewing and things I've bought in the space between the bed and the wall, in front of my bedside table so every so often I have to sort it.

Between the study and my bedside I have filled the paper recycling bad and 3 carrier bags with magazines and paper, mainly magazines. I am addicted to them much to the annoyance of the Oh! bearded one. I like card making, knitting & home mags, I also have subscriptions to Woman & Home and Good Housekeeping. I get 'Scouting' because I am a Scout Leader, in fact we get 2 as the Oh! Bearded One is also a Scout Leader. I have 'Woman Alive' saved at our local Christian book shop and I have a subscription to 'Nursing Older People' & 'Nursing Times' because of my work as a Deputy Manager of a Nursing Home. It is a good job it's curb side recycling day tomorrow.

The Oh! Bearded One has had another full day in the front garden today as it has been dry with quite a lot of sun although it has threatened with rain several times. He has planted the plants we bought the other day and moved some existing ones around. It looks so much better but we need quite few more plants.

No crafting today so far but I might manage a few rows of knitting once I have finished blogging.

Tomorrow it's shopping in Warrington with Daughter Dear which I'm really looking forward to. I get on really well with her and it is lovely to spend time with her. Today I found some book tokens I was given a while ago and had forgotten about so I want to look in Borders for a knitting stitches book.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

A day out, crafting included of course!!

I can't upload knitting pics from camera to computer so until I get my memory card downloaded onto CD at a shop next week (something to do with not being able to download camera software onto computer) I can't show knitting pics so have a flower instead.

Another day of heavy showers and sunshine, yesterday was the same.

The Oh! bearded one, daughter and myself went out yesterday. We went to Bridgemere garden centre which is a big garden centre (quite famous, bus trips are run there) the other side of Nantwich, near the Shropshire border. It's a perfect place for us to go, loads of plants for the Oh! bearded one and a Hobbycraft for daughter and myself, also they sell lots of home accessories so daughter was in her element as she has started collecting things for her 'bottom drawer'. She bought some wooden spoons.

The Oh! bearded one got a few plants for the revamping of the front garden and we got some bits for our card making and scrapbooking. Daughter also got a few bits to go towards Christmas presents for her crafty Mother-in-law, J and her daughter, L. We start early for Christmas in this house, I find it much less stressful if I plan and start shopping early, I really enjoy the season then.

One of the things I bought was a knitting pattern (what a surprise!!) for a baby's and toddler's jacket. At work there are 2 babies to be born just before Christmas and another's first birthday so I thought I would get knitting for them all. The little jacket should be quick to knit as it is in stocking stitch with moss stitch collar, ribs and bands.

On the way back we stopped off at Dagfields which is a Antiques place, antiques in the loosest sense, a lot of the stuff they sell is repro, modern or plain rubbish. Having said that I did rather well, I got a 500grm cone of yarn (very fine, knobbly and multi-coloured) for £4.00 which thought would be ideal for shawl making. Of course I couldn't resist having a go with it last night and it is proving successful, watch this space.

This place also has a second hand book shop and as I am looking for a knitting stitch dictionary, I just had to have a look at the craft books. I didn't get a dictionary but I did get a book about knitted and crocheted lace which is really nice, (some good ideas for little Christmas presents).

Today it is back to sorting out the study!!!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Old knitter, new knitter

A few ramblings about knitting.

I have been knitting seriously since I was 16-17. Mum and my Grans all attempted to teach me to knit when I was young and I got to grips with it eventually. I taught myself to crochet as I am left handed. Gran T was the only one in the family that could crochet, she tried to teach me but didn't manage it, we had mega rows instead.

The first garment I knitted was a rust DK stocking stitch v-neck jumper. I bought the wool whilst on a canal boat holiday with some church friends of the time. I carried on knitting for years, knitting for the Oh! bearded one, my Mum, his Mum and the kids until they wouldn't wear 'itchy, uncool' jumpers any more. I knitted at work on nights and on breaks on days ( Oh the joys of nurses having breaks on duty, those days have long gone!!!). Then I stopped knitting for quite a while, cross stitching instead and it became very uncool in the UK. I am soooooooooo pleased that it is now back in fashion big style.

I started knitting seriously again about 5 years ago when I was off work with depression. I needed something soothing to do that was easy and I didn't need to concentrate on too hard. I found I had to concentrate too hard on the cross stitch. Knitting worked, I did find it soothing and still do. The depression has been a constant feature of my life since so I am glad have have the knitting to sooth, I recomend it.

Same again, a bit of this & that

Another lazy day in the house for me and son.

Weather - better, sunny all day.

Knitting - Half a glove knitted this morning and a bit of crochet done this evening, also dreaming about other projects. I have had a long held dream to make a shawl (since the early 80's). From reading American bloggs these seem popular makes. I have been looking at patterns on web sites and last night I ordered a book off Amazon, along with a book about knitting socks. I hope there is something in this book that takes my fancy.

The Oh! bearded one went cycling around a Derbyshire lake and had a lovely day. The Warrington shopping trip was off because Daughter's best friend was available last minute so they went out instead. We are now set to go on Tuesday next week.

I was supposed to carry on with the study but I only managed to sort out the blank cards I use for cardmaking (I make cards and sell them at work to raise money for the resident's fund). I have felt very tired and out of sorts all week (I do have an Arthritis type condition that can make me feel very tired and gives me quite a bit of pain and I have taken the opportunity to withdraw a particular medication so whether that has anything to do with it), I am very disappointed with myself as I had such plans for these 2 weeks off work and I haven't achieved any of them. I hope I feel better next week.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

A little bit of this & a little bit of that.

Northwich weather - heavy showers and sunny spells

Study - a bit more done

Knitting - a few rows of Sirdar Sublime jumper, no crochet, ripped out scarf (didn't like the pattern or texture) and started a pair of gloves with some Opal wool I bought to knit a pair of socks for myself but I didn't like it knitted up for myself so rather than waste it I am knitting gloves, I've wanted to knit some for a while.

Food shopping - daughter and the oh! bearded one did it. Daughter also went around the estate agents for apartment details.

Scouting - Our plans to return to the Czech Republic to camp with some Czech Scouts (they camped with us in the Lake District last summer) have firmed up a bit more. We are on track to go next July.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Another lazy day

Another lazy day in Northwich. The weather has been better today, sunny but windy. The oh! bearded one has been back out in the garden and got all the tree stumps out. It is going dark and he is still out there but it is looking good and so much better.

Craft wise I have done a little bit more of the crochet and sorted out knitting and cross stitch patterns. That is part of tidying up the study as the oh!bearded one can't get to his computer and he is grumbling, also I can't find any of the crafting things I want either. I am plotting to take over son's bedroom once he has gone to uni next year but until then I will have to share with the oh! bearded one. I sound greedy, I dont't mean to. I know some crafters use a corner of their sitting room or bedroom, I know I am lucky to have a spare room we can use as a study but as all crafters know, the more room to store stash and spread out, the better. It means you don't have to keep putting stuff away when you are in the middle of a project.

This morning I got a knitting brochure from Reddicut. For those of you who think that Reddicut just produce rug kits, think again. They now do a whole range of craft goodies including knitting yarn, patterns, cross stitch kits and card and scrapbooking materials. I was very tempted by some of the knitting patterns so tonight I have placed an order on line. My oder is for a Patons DK book, a crochet afgan booklet and a Sirdar Misty cardigan pattern.

I didn't get the shopping done today but there is always tomorrow! Daughter is going to try and drag me around the estate agents in search of flats for herself and her boyfriend (they are currently living with us).

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Blog, knit, blog, crochet

Meet Molly, our all black moggie, I am sure she will appear many times more, very often sat on something I am making!!
The title gives away what I've been up to today. It's been a funny old day in Northwich, we've had sun, cloud and very heavy rain so it hasn't been conducive to doing much outside.

I slept very badly as I was blogging far too late so I got up late. I half heartedly started to tidy our bedroom this afternoon but gave up and had a go at my crocheted cardi instead.

The oh! bearded one got out in the garden to dig up tree trunks (he is revamping the front garden) between showers but a particularly heavy one drove him back indoors.

Both son and daughter have also langished about the house (college holidays and holiday from nurse training course)

Late this afternoon I took some photos of work in progress which I hope to show very soon and then I went back on the internet for some knitting stitch ideas so I can knit 100g of 4ply sock wool into a scarf, properly as a Christmas present. That was success and I have now commenced that!

I am not going to blogg most of tonight as well, I need some sleep. It's food shopping tomorrow and as we know girls ! that's hard work, isn't it? especially the putting it away in the cupboards part. I also need to do some other useful things as I have a whole list of jobs that I have lined up to do whilst I am on holiday and I haven't started any of them!

long past bedtime

Well!!! It is 02.19 in the morning and I have been 'blogging' for about 4-5 hours. It is seriously addictive!!!!
I have seen some beautiful work, there are some seriously clever people out there. The work has been inspiritional. I hope I can match the standard when I finally finish something to photograph and put on my blog (not that I have any idea how to do that at present but I'm sure I'll learn)

Anyway I must go to sleep!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Baffled & bewildered

I am very confused about how to narrow down blog searchs. There are so many out there, how do you find the best ones and which are considered the best ones. Can anyone help? Is anyone going to find this blog to help?

I am new to both reading blogs and writing blogs. It is a whole new world which is very enjoyable, having an opportunity to experience a little bit of other people's lives.

This blog is entitled 'Not enough time to craft' as I would love to craft much more but earning an income and running a home have had a nasty habit of taking over.


I am currently on holiday from work so I have spent this afternoon knitting and crocheting. I have a type of arthritis which gives me pain in a lot of different places but when crafting, the main problem is my right wrist so I am trying to swap between different crafts to ease joints.

I have bought some 4ply yarn this morning from my favourite shop in Northwich and am crocheting a little cardigan with it. I am also knitting a jumper out of a Sirdar Sublime book. The yarn is so soft!!!

I am also into card making and scrapbooking as is my daughter. We both make cards to sell at work in aid of my residents' fund (I am a nurse and Deputy Manager of a Nursing Home - a good one!!!!)

Some of my ramblings will include my faith, Scouting, work, my family and my cat, Molly.