Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Festival of Quilts 2019

I hadn't planned to got to the Festival of Quilts this year but I found I had free time so I decided to go for it. I drove down as I only live an hour & a half away.

Unfortunately my photos don't do the quilts justice. There were some fantastic quilts! I've not taken photos of the winning quilts as they weren't my cup of tea so the ones I'm showing are my personal favourites. 

I really loved this quilt, the colours were amazing!

The work that's gone into this

This quilt is made by Helen Pinnington AKA Henhouse Homemade on Instagram and on Blogger (although she is more active on Instagram)

The quilt is hand pieced using vintage embroidered cloths and vintage fabric, it was beautiful! 

Part 2 and maybe 3 to come

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

2nd Quarter Crafty Doings

As per usual I've disappeared without trace!

I continue to do some crafting everyday but as most of my projects are long term, big projects nothing is finished!

This jumper is the Branches & Buds pattern by Carrie Bostick Hoge, knitted in Drops Flora. I started it probably in April and I am now on the sleeves. 

I'm in no hurry for this jumper as I won't wear it until at least October.

This quilt has been in process along time. I originally started it back in 2012. The pattern is "Just Judie" from English Paper Piecing by Vicki Bellino. Originally I was going to make 4 hexagon panels with borders going through the middle and around the edges and I was going to use the 'quilt as you go' method so I got the 1st quarter done and started quilting it but didn't like it so ditched it and started again. It was still going to be in 4 quarters with the borders but I decided to quilt it once the quilt top was finished. I must have restarted at the beginning of last year. A couple of weeks ago I got it out again and decided not to put the centre borders in and just have borders going around the edges of the quilt. Consequently I've had to rejig it slightly again to fit our bed by adding in more hexis. Half of it is finished and I'm working on the other half.

I'm about half way through the second half. I try to work on it everyday for a short while so I am seeing progress. I really would like to get it finished as I'm sick of looking at the quilt that I'm using on our bed at present and want a change. My problem is that I decide to make huge quilts and they take along time.

This is another EPP project that I love but haven't worked on. The above block has been in progress for months, I finished it this morning.

So I now have 3 blocks towards my 25 block target of "Queen's Walk' by Sarah Edgar of Pretty Fabrics and Trims.

I got one of these little fingerless mitts done ages ago bar the thumb, cast on the other and there they sat but this week I've got the second one done (which just took and evening) and now I just need to do the thumbs.

As I've not felt like garment knitting (which I often don't in the summer) I've been working on my cosy memories blanket. I've added 19 squares over the last couple of weeks.

This shawl is going to be 3 Color Cashmere shawl by Joji Locatelli, knitted in Mr B's handed dyed yarn. This hasn't been on the needles long and my aim is to get it finished by the end of September.

The projects I talked about in my last post haven't been touched but I've worked on this quilt that I cut out in January. I haven't done much quilting since January but I fancied having a go at this. The fabric is Winter's Lane by Kate & Birdie by Moda. I made my daughter a quilt out of this for Christmas and loved it so much I wanted one for myself. I've been working on another quilt for a Christmas present but I'm not showing that for obvious reasons.

I went to this year's Festival of Quilts and I'll do another post showing all the quilts I loved.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Crafty doings 1st Quarter 2019

I've been working on several projects since Christmas. I'm showing them in no particular order!

I really shouldn't have started another EPP quilt as I've already got 3 on the go but I just could not resist this - Ice Cream Soda quilt by Tales of Cloth - have a look on Instagram, there are some amazing quilts! Having started it I haven't got very far as I keep getting distracted by other things!

I finished this '2nd Avenue' wrap by Amy Millar, a paid for pattern on Ravelry. I enjoyed knitting this so much! The yarn is all 4ply hand dyed yarn by Tracy of Norah George and Jane of Hedgerow yarns.

We went away for a weekend to the Yorkshire Dales at the end of March and I got it finished in time to take it away with me.

Fabric line is Walkabout by Beth Studley for Makower

From February to the beginning of April 'Then Came June' ran a quilt along for the Meadowland quilton Instagram and I joined in, in my usual fashion I didn't complete the QAL but I've got all the blocks cut out and I've made a good start!

I've cut 2 quilts out using this pattern, one using 'Walkabout' and the other using Moda's Pepper & Flax. The 'Walkabout' Quilt will be lap sized

Moda Pepper & Flax by Corey Yoder

but the Pepper & Flax quilt is for our King sized bed.

These are the blocks I've got completed so far.

The above photo shows that knitting I've been doing in the last couple of weeks - Rose City Roller short socks, one is complete and the 2nd one is on the needles. The peach & grey top is 'Edie' by Isabell Kraemer, knitted in Scheepjes Whirl, colourway 'Watermelon Hell Raiser' and the yoke is for the Branches & Buds jumper by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I'm knitting it in Drops Flora. All the patterns are on Ravelry.

I got 'Edie' finished on Monday and I washed and blocked it yesterday but I won't wear it until I go to Buxton Wool Gathering on 12th May. The Buxton Wool Gathering is a new yarn show put on by the folks that do the Bakewell Wool Gathering that is usually held in October

After Christmas I was still in Christmas making mode so I took advantage of that by cutting out 2 Christmas quilts and some table toppers to give as presents for next Christmas. The table toppers and one of the quilts are being made in Moda Wintertide by Janet Clare, the other quilt is the same fabric line as I used for DD's Christmas quilt, Winters' Lane by Katie & Birdie. Again the quilts are cut out and a few blocks are made but have been put aside. The table toppers need layering and quilting.

I've also been working on a quilt that I've had cut out for ages that is for my best friend. All the blocks are made and several rows are put together, it won't take much to get the top finished and as i will only do fairly simple quilting on it I should be able to get it done for her birthday in a month's time if I pull my finger out!

The fabric line is Paintbrush studios 'Budding Beauties by Ro Gregg, not my favorite colour palette but my friend really wanted her quilt to have purple in it.

Writing this blog post has made me realise I've started a lot so far but haven't finished a lot so it is high time to get some stuff completed!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

New Year 2019!

 Happy New Year to you! I hope 2019 has started well for you, I also hope you had a good Christmas.

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year has started quietly which is just the way I like it.

DD had her birthday on the 11th of December and we had a little jaunt to Bent's Garden Centre near Warrington to look at the Christmas displays and have lunch (the food there is very good!)

Son of Mine and his girlfriend were able to come down from Edinburgh on the Saturday before Christmas and stay until Boxing Day. On the Sunday we all went to Chester as it has become a tradition that we go to the Cathedral to look at the Christmas tree display (which was lovely). It was lovely to spend some time together as a family!

I made this quilt for DD for Christmas. The pattern is "Festive" from Moda Bake Shop and the fabric lines are Katie & Birdie's Winter's Lane and Return to Winter's Lane. It was the first time I've cut out, stitched, layered and quilted a quilt from beginning to end without breaking off and doing something else and I loved it. It is really they way I should quilt all the time!

 DD, Little Gromit and Miss Moo on Christmas Day! The children are growing so fast! Little Gromit will be five in February! 

Over on Instagram there is a hashtag #makenine which is a really good hashtag if you want a goal for the year to make certain things but for me, I have so many things I want to finish I am going with the hashtag #finishnine. One of the things I want to ideally finish or at least move forward is my civil war hexi quilt, this is EPP and I can only stitch on this for a short time before I get pain in my hands so I have set myself a goal of stitching on it for 15 minutes a day. So far I have managed most days and I have added a line of hexies and half a line of diamonds to one quarter of it. Two quarters are finished and the borders are started so I just need to keeping plugging away!

As part of looking at projects for the #finishnine I looked at all my started quilted and knitted projects. all my quilted projects are still to be finished but a lot of my knitted projects have been frogged for various reasons - I don't like them anymore or something is going to be too short! You get the picture! But this Land of Sweets cowl is definitely is to be finished and shouldn't take long and will be the first finish of #finishnine 

I am still in Christmas making mode so I am taking advantage of this and starting some Christmas makes for gifts. I'll explain further when I've got further!

Another one of my #finishnine is this Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern 'Quatrefoil', it is for my best friend and has been started quite a while - ideally I want to finish this by the end of the month which is doable if a I pull my finger out!

Last but not least - another #finishnine project, 'Starfall' by Jennifer Steingass, knitted out of Wendy Ramsdale. I am loving this so when my cowl is finished this is next!

I'll report back soon as to how I'm getting on!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Harvest cardigan

I have finished one of the knitting projects I started at the beginning of the year.

It is the Harvest cardigan by Tin Can Knits, which is a free pattern on Raverly

I knitted the Medium/Large size out of Drops Nepal, which is a wool/alpaca blend. I used 13 skeins in the deep ocean colourway.

It is knitted top down and is a great introduction to knitting top down garments. It is the first time I've knitted a garment top down.

I just wish I'd knitted a bigger size as it is a bit neat at the front. That won't stop me wearing through!

On to one of the other garments I've on the needles!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Summer 2018 knitting and quilting!

You wouldn't think it but I am consistently working on something. I don't have many finishes as I have a nasty habit of doing big projects that take ages so I rarely have anything to show for the hours I put in.

I showed this last time I posted. I'm working on the third quarter but haven't done much this summer as it has just been too hot! and currently I'm in a knitting mood, not a sewing mood! 

I also didn't do much knitting over the summer due to the heat but I've picked it up again with a vengeance now it is cooler. I watch a lot of podcasts, especially knitting ones. One of the ones I have been watching - 'Little Bobbins' starts a new pair of socks on Christmas Eve. Lots of people joined her this year and I joined in too!  This pattern is a free pattern on Raverly called the 'Mercury' socks and the yarn is handyed yarn by Yan Tan Tethra yarns on Etsy, the colourway is 'Holidays'. I got the first sock done quite quickly but the second one languished in the knitting basket as I had gone wrong on the pattern and just didn't get round to sorting it out, anyway I picked them up again at the beginning of the month and finished them the week before last. They need blocking as does the cowl I'm showing further down, I'm hoping to do that tomorrow!

I've been doing a lot of 'knitting in the wild' this month. We were away in Scotland last week so lots of miles in the car and drinking coffee!

I finished this cowl yesterday. I started it on 7th September, the quickest knit I've ever done! It is 'The Land of Sweets' cowl by Helen Stewart (on Raverly, paid for pattern) It is knit from 4ply (fingering) weight mini skeins of handyed yarn. It was a joy to knit (even if I had to tink back several times as I can't count)

As I was coming up to finish the cowl I decided that I wanted to knit a shawl next. I've picked the 'Color Spell' shawl by Joji Locatelli (on Raverly, paid for pattern). I'm using several different handyed yarns for it.

Scollay cardigan by Karie Westermann

If you look at 'February 2018' post you will find explanations of these knitting projects. 

Harvest cardigan by TinCan Knits'

Stockbridge by Ysolda Teague

I was knitting this cardigan in a darker grey and in a smaller size. I decided it was going to be too small and the grey too dark so I recast it on, using the same yarn but in a lighter grey.

This jumper is a DK weight one out of  Knit Now magazine issue 79. It is now on Raverly and is called 'For the love of trees' designed by Heike Campbell (paid for pattern) I'm knitting it out of Drops merino extra fine 100% wool in colour 35. I have to concentrate on the pattern so it is slow going as I'm wanting to knit things I don't have to think about.

This little crochet blanket I started today, using 4ply scraps and Drops Flora in light grey heald together on a 4mm crochet hook - good old mindless going round and round!

I'm loving making this cosy memories blanket out of mini skeins that I have collected, such a good excuse to buy pretty yarn but in small quantities!

And last but not least is a new EPP project - 'Queen's Walk' by Sarah of Pretty Fabrics and Trims