Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Moving slowly

I am moving on thing slowly but surely at the moment. I haven't touched Grand Illusion for a couple of weeks but one afternoon the mood will take me to do a bit more. There is no hurry but I am not putting it away, it will stay hung up until it is ready to go to the quilter (Jude). That way it can't be left to become a UFO!

This quilt went to Jude yesterday and I'll get it back in a couple of weeks. 

The Wild & Goosey crazy over on Facebook as certainly taken hold. These little fellows are addictive. I am doing them in 2 colour ways - Grand Illusion and Civil War. I've got plenty of scraps of both. I am thinking that the Grand Illusion colour way will make a pair of cushions to go with the quilt for our bed.

I am also knitting. This is the first knitting I have done since before Christmas when I knitted my Mum a waistcoat as a Christmas present.

I have started another Attic 24 blanket for  DD, this time in Cath Kidston inspired colours taken from a tin DD owns. I love doing these so much I am planning another one  for Little Gromit, in the colours of the quilt I made him.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A finish

I finished Dads' quilt on Sunday. I decided to put wider borders on the top and bottom with narrower borders on the sides to make the quilt more rectangular which will better for Dad when he is in bed.

I found out that the fabric is Moda Portobello Market and I had border and binding fabric in the range as well as some neutral fabric left. 

The backing fabric came today so I can send it out for quilting.

Friday, 6 February 2015


At present I am sewing regularly, nearly every day. This means I am actually achieving things for a change.

In January I worked how many UFOs I've got. I split them into 2 lists. The first list includes the quilts that are in the piecing stage and the second list includes the flimsies that need quilting. I've decided to work on list 1 and get some of those UFOs made into flimsies. I started some of these quilts intending to give them as presents but they've not been given for one reason or another so they've been put aside to start something new. At least if I got some of them to the stage where I can pull one out of the cupboard and quilt it when I need it, I'm half way there to a finished quilt.

I chose these Moda Pom Pom de Paris quilt as the first one to get to a flimsy. I finished it last night. It was made from a jelly roll and measures roughly 52 inches square. 

I am working a little bit at a time on my Grand Illusion quilt and I'm up to 2 rows now.

This is the next UFO I've decided to work on. I started this as an internet quilt a long but I can't remember which blog I was following or how long ago. I want to get this one completely finished as my Dad could do with another quilt in the care home. The trouble is it needs to be longer so I need to come up with a plan. The fabric was Moda Beach House so I won't be able to get any more as it is long gone. Ideas welcome

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


It was a certain little person's first birthday on Sunday! We had a little family party for him!

Thursday, 29 January 2015


This week I have manged a couple of finishes!

I have finished my crochet blanket. (Lucy's Cosy Striped blanket) I think I started this in November and have worked on it steadily on since. This is a record for me on several counts, that I have actually started something and continued working on it without getting distracted by something else and also, that I have crocheted something so big! I loved doing every stitch of it, so much so, I have ordered the yarn to do another one for DD. The colours for this are inspired by a Cath Kidston tin she owns.

I have also finished this little table topper that I started a couple of years ago, it just needed binding, it took a couple of hours to machine the binding on and then hand stitch it down on the back! Why do we do this, get something so close to finishing and then abandon it?

I have also jumped on the 'Wild & Goosey' band waggon that is going on over at Quiltville's Open Studio on Facebook. This little block is paper pieced and measures 3.5 inches! They use quite small scraps and are fun to do!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Crocheting tonight on my Cosy blanket with Meg keeping me company.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Catching up!

Since I last posted some crafting has happened.

A 'Granny Squared' quilt for DD's birthday. It was made from a Strawberry Fields jelly roll and yardage. The white fabric was in my stash.

I joined Lucy's cosy blanket CAL. I am now five sixths of the way through it now. I am using the same yarn and colours as Lucy but I am don straight repeats where Lucy change the order of hers every 15 stripes.

I am also doing Bonnie Hunter's yearly mystery quilt which is called Grand Illusion this year. I pulled a lot of fabric from my stash but I also bought some to make sure I had enough and also the variety to make it scrappy. 
I've completed a few blocks of each clue except today's. I'm in no hurry to get it finished and I'll keep plugging away at it.

In other happenings, Little Gromit has been christened.

The sweet table and his cake. His cake was made by DD.


My Dad is now in his permanent care home. He has only been there since Tuesday so it is too early to say whether he likes it or not. Mum is really missing him. They both managed to spent the whole day with us at our house yesterday which was great as Dad didn't manage it last year.

This year's Christmas tree - which Little Gromit has loved and not left alone!

My Christmas cake offering, it's not going to win the Great British Bake off but it tastes great. The recipe is Nigella Lawson's Chocolate fruit cake

Our little Christmas Elf!

I've pulled out a quilt I started in 2012 as a mystery quilt, I've decided to get it finished for my Mum's 80th birthday in August so I've got time to get it finished.

I'm also quilting my Charming Stars quilt. I'm quilting it by the 'Quilting as you go' method, in 3 strips. I started it today so I'll show progress.

My little helper showing me where the needle goes!