Friday, 26 October 2018

Harvest cardigan

I have finished one of the knitting projects I started at the beginning of the year.

It is the Harvest cardigan by Tin Can Knits, which is a free pattern on Raverly

I knitted the Medium/Large size out of Drops Nepal, which is a wool/alpaca blend. I used 13 skeins in the deep ocean colourway.

It is knitted top down and is a great introduction to knitting top down garments. It is the first time I've knitted a garment top down.

I just wish I'd knitted a bigger size as it is a bit neat at the front. That won't stop me wearing through!

On to one of the other garments I've on the needles!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Summer 2018 knitting and quilting!

You wouldn't think it but I am consistently working on something. I don't have many finishes as I have a nasty habit of doing big projects that take ages so I rarely have anything to show for the hours I put in.

I showed this last time I posted. I'm working on the third quarter but haven't done much this summer as it has just been too hot! and currently I'm in a knitting mood, not a sewing mood! 

I also didn't do much knitting over the summer due to the heat but I've picked it up again with a vengeance now it is cooler. I watch a lot of podcasts, especially knitting ones. One of the ones I have been watching - 'Little Bobbins' starts a new pair of socks on Christmas Eve. Lots of people joined her this year and I joined in too!  This pattern is a free pattern on Raverly called the 'Mercury' socks and the yarn is handyed yarn by Yan Tan Tethra yarns on Etsy, the colourway is 'Holidays'. I got the first sock done quite quickly but the second one languished in the knitting basket as I had gone wrong on the pattern and just didn't get round to sorting it out, anyway I picked them up again at the beginning of the month and finished them the week before last. They need blocking as does the cowl I'm showing further down, I'm hoping to do that tomorrow!

I've been doing a lot of 'knitting in the wild' this month. We were away in Scotland last week so lots of miles in the car and drinking coffee!

I finished this cowl yesterday. I started it on 7th September, the quickest knit I've ever done! It is 'The Land of Sweets' cowl by Helen Stewart (on Raverly, paid for pattern) It is knit from 4ply (fingering) weight mini skeins of handyed yarn. It was a joy to knit (even if I had to tink back several times as I can't count)

As I was coming up to finish the cowl I decided that I wanted to knit a shawl next. I've picked the 'Color Spell' shawl by Joji Locatelli (on Raverly, paid for pattern). I'm using several different handyed yarns for it.

Scollay cardigan by Karie Westermann

If you look at 'February 2018' post you will find explanations of these knitting projects. 

Harvest cardigan by TinCan Knits'

Stockbridge by Ysolda Teague

I was knitting this cardigan in a darker grey and in a smaller size. I decided it was going to be too small and the grey too dark so I recast it on, using the same yarn but in a lighter grey.

This jumper is a DK weight one out of  Knit Now magazine issue 79. It is now on Raverly and is called 'For the love of trees' designed by Heike Campbell (paid for pattern) I'm knitting it out of Drops merino extra fine 100% wool in colour 35. I have to concentrate on the pattern so it is slow going as I'm wanting to knit things I don't have to think about.

This little crochet blanket I started today, using 4ply scraps and Drops Flora in light grey heald together on a 4mm crochet hook - good old mindless going round and round!

I'm loving making this cosy memories blanket out of mini skeins that I have collected, such a good excuse to buy pretty yarn but in small quantities!

And last but not least is a new EPP project - 'Queen's Walk' by Sarah of Pretty Fabrics and Trims

Friday, 20 July 2018

Summer 2018

I am really enjoying my summer this year. I don't normally like hot weather but I have really enjoyed it this time. We have been able to spend so much time outside, especially eating meals in the garden! I don't think we ate a meal outside last summer at all. 

This little monkey is going to be one on Sunday and she is just about walking, it has come on in leaps and bounds this week.

 I've not been knitting, as I get such hot hands in hot weather, the yarns sticks and I can't be doing with it,but earlier in the spring and summer worked on this hexi quilt which is a take on Vicki Bellino's 'Just Judie' quilt from her book 'English Paper Piecing'. I'm adapting to fit a king size bed. There are going to be 4 hexi panels with borders going through the middle and around the outside. I'm working on panel number 3 at present.

This month I have also started and finished 2017's December Daily book, which I'm pleased with.

I hate to say it but I've started preparing this Christmas's one as well!

Something else I've been up to, is moving my craft room around. Last August I bought this long Ikea folding table from E-bay as my previous table wasn't big enough. The table sat short side under the window and then into the middle of the room so there wasn't much space around it and I was finding I wasn't being very productive so I decided last weekend a change was needed. 

I now have the big open space I used to have in the middle of the room.

I've also had a really good declutter and tidy up, the room is now so much better! And I've started a new quilt!

This little man has been poorly this week. Mummy has been on nights so the children have been with me since Tuesday afternoon, (they go home today). He is fine now though, which is goon as there is a birthday party for a certain little girl on Sunday! 

We have been having some wonderful sunsets recently. This one was after the only heavy rain we have had for nearly 2 months!

It is nearly 2 months since Mum died. I'm doing fine, occasionally the fact that she is no longer here reduces me to tears and it is usually something small that sets me off. Her house needs to be cleared and put up for sale but I can't do that until I have got probate so that will be happening in the back end, hopefully! I will be glad when all that is sorted!

Friday, 25 May 2018


Bye Mum, love you! xxx

Isobel Thurston 09/08/1935 - 23/05/2018

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

February knitting

In January I bought this blouse in Sainsburys, it isn't my usual sort of thing but I want to make some changes to my wardrobe and what I wear. It'll go very well with a denim pinafore dress I bought, also from Sainsburys, as well as my usual jeans.

As I want more hand knits in my wardrobe I decided I would use this blouse as a base for a colour palette of hand knit garments to go with things already in my wardrobe and to go with things I purchase or make in the future.

I've cast on 3 cardigans, all in different weights of yarn. This gold one is Drops Karisma (52 Dark Mustard) which is a DK (100% wool, £2.00 per 50grms) weight. The cardigan I'm doing is 'Scollay' by Karie Westermann . This is a paid for pattern

The nest cast on is 'Harvest' by Tin Can Knits. Again I'm doing in a Drops yarn - Nepal, 8905 Deep Ocean (£2.10 per 50grm ball, 100% wool, Aran weight). This is a free pattern.

Last but not least, is 'Stockbridge' by Ysolda Teague. As I love Drops yarn (apart from 'Belle') I'm using Drops again but in Flora (05 dark grey, 4ply, 65% wool, 35% alpaca, £2.10 per 50grm ball) This pattern is a paid for one.

I like to have several knitted projects on the go at once, especially if they are in different yarn weights as my arthritic hands don't like the heavier weight yarns so I can only knit on them for short bursts, my hands like 4ply the best so I am enjoying the Stockbridge the best. I am trying to rotate which garment I work on each day but I'm not rigid about it.

I buy garment quantities of yarn from Wool Warehouse - they are both online and a bricks & mortar shop, based in Leamington Spa. They have a fantastic range of yarn, great service and ship internationally!

Over the weekend I spent some time looking at all my WIPs, in all craft groups - quilting, knitting, crochet, cross stitch and crochet. I had a good look at everything and decided which I really wanted to work on and use, the rest have gone! This beaded piece is my oldest WIP, started in 1994, it was to be a small low round footstool. In between the beading is to be tapestry. I have gone completely off it, I wouldn't use that type of footstool and it would look wrong in my house so it hasn't escaped the cull!

This book has been popular in recent months, I have read it, enjoyed it and would like to pass it on, if you would like to read it please leave a comment and I'll draw a name and pass it it on (I will ship internationally)

Friday, 26 January 2018

January 2018!

Well! Another New Year come and gone!

Last time I wrote on this blog it was October!

Last year was an OK year, there was one family happening that was sad but it was more that made up by our Grand-daughter being born in July.
but I wasn't in a good place and the year pasted me by without me achieving a great deal. I am determined not to let 2018 pass me by in a similar fashion.

 Christmas knitting - I finished S of M's jumper. I didn't realize at the time it is a free Drops Garnstudio pattern. I got the pattern from a copy of Simply Knitting -  a British knitting magazine. I didn't finish DD's jacket but I haven't told her about it so I am going to finish it for Christmas 2018. Trying to knit 2 adult garments before Christmas was too much for my arthritic hands!

In the last 3 or 4 months of 2017 I discovered knitting and sewing podcasts on You Tube and have watched loads. I have been inspired to knit more and do more cross stitch, it is also my intention to start making my own clothes again. 

One of the knitting podcasts I watch is Dani from 'Little Bobbins'. She has started a tradition of casting on a new pair of socks on Christmas Eve. This year I joined in the fun! I am knitting the Mercury socks by Kim Drotar. It is a free pattern on Raverly. It is a lovely pattern to knit and I plan to knit it again for DD. I have also have started collecting hand dyed yarn to the detriment of my bank balance! The yarn I'm using for these socks is 'Holidays' by Yan Tan Tethera yarns - beautiful!  There are some fantastic British yarn dyers out there!

This year I am going to try and be more organised and proactive so as part of that I am following along with 2018 finish a long, I haven't joined formally this quarter but I really want to try to get some long standing projects completed.

This quilt has been on the go forever, since 2010! It is high time I got it finished, I really want it on our bed!

I showed this cross stitch last time I posted - I am slightly further on and I want this finished this quarter 

I want to finish the Mercury socks and and I've got a knitted cowl on the go too, that I want off the needles.

I've had some knitting starts too! I've started and Aran weight jacket, a DK cardigan and a 4 ply cardigan - I'll show these in more detail next time I post - 2 of them are just ribbing at present! I have different weight projects on the go because of my arthritic hands, they get less sore if I'm able to knit on different things. I also am planning a colourwork jumper and a summer top. 

I've ordered some fabric to have a go at making a couple of summer dresses so I'll discuss those too!

I leave you with Miss Moo as she has now become! She was 6 months old on Monday! She is such a lovely happy, smiley little girl. DD has gone back to work after maternity leave so I'm back to having her and Little Gromit (who is 4 next Thursday) when she is working.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Christmas knitting

I rarely do any Christmas present knitting, in fact I think this year is the first year I have done! and I've set myself a big challenge to knit 2 adult sized garments!

Last month I showed you a jumper I'm knitting for SofM. I showed it being knit in Drops Belle, which was the yarn called for in the pattern. This jumper is knitted in the round. The Drops Belle is a cotton based yarn and I hated it, it was spilty and it was knitting up huge, also I was getting nasty ladders on the sleeve from the DPNs so I frogged it and ordered some Drops Drops Merino Extra Fine and it is knitting up 100% better! 

When we were away in Norfolk at the beginning of the month, I went into a lovely little yarn shop called Norfolk Needlecraft in Mundesley, which is on the coast. There was a delivery of new yarn from King Cole - Indulge, which is a chunky Acrylic, Polyester and Alpaca mix. The colours are lovely and when I saw this pattern and this colourway I knew DD would love it!

It should be knit in the flat and seamed but I hate doing that so I've cast on 2 extra stitches to ensure the pattern is going to be correct and I'm knitting the fronts and back together. I was going to knit the sleeves on DPNs but that didn't work very well so I will knit those flat.

The nice thing with King Cole patterns you always get 2 patterns for the price of one - in this case it is a long and short jacket, I'm doing the long one.

My socks are finished! I had a job with the toe grafting, I'm not very good at it! I will keep practicing!

I used to do a lot of cross stitch, in fact it was all I did throughout the 1990's and early 2000's but I've only done little bits here and there since I started quilting in 2007 but every so often I see a pattern that really appeals.

This pattern is one of them, from this month's 'Cross Stitcher'. I like this magazine - the designs are quite modern and I like that. You can't see it on the photo but the fabric has a glittery thread through it which is lovely.

I started a cross stitch before last Christmas that I must finish too!

I'm knitting another pair of socks, this time for Little Gromit, to wear with his wellies! They need to be finished for next Saturday because we are taking him to a bonfire for Guy Fawkes night (or bomb night as he calls it) and he will need to wear his wellies.

I've been watching a lot of knitting podcasts recently and most of the podcasters knit socks and get left with lots of bit of sock yarn that is too good to get rid of so they are knitting 'cosy memories' blankets. I love the look of the blankets but haven't got the patience to knit one so I'm crocheting one. Just good old granny squares surrounded in a natural coloured sock yarn and crocheted together. This will be a long term project and I am enjoying collecting mini skeins of hand dyed yarn for it.

And last but not least I'm knitting a DK weight jumper for myself. This jumper called 'For the love of trees and is in issue 79 of 'Knit Now' I'm also using Drops Merino Extra Fine for this. I've haven't worn this type of jumper for over 20 years as I don't think I suit them but I want to try one and I loved the pattern.

Last night my Mum, Dd and I went to Crewe Lyceum to see 'The Nutcracker'. It was lovely! we really enjoyed it! We rarely go to the theatre so it was a real treat!